Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love 3 3/4 year olds!

Here are three things Ian said just yesterday that made us crack up! I LOVE this age!

* Ian was reviewing his calendar on the refrigerator with Nana yesterday afternoon. (He is VERY busy, you know!) He was saying several dates like "the 7th" and "the 13th." Then he said, "Today is the twenty-twoth!"

* We went on a walk after dinner this evening. He likes to walk right next to the stroller and talk to the babies, which involves a lot of foot-hit-by-the-wheels incidents! It must not have been too painful because he continued to do it for the entire walk. At one point he leaned over the stroller and said, "What's your status babies?"

* We were watching Dancing with the Stars before bedtime. The 82-year-old actress, Cloris Leachman, was dancing with her partner, and it caught Ian's attention. I'm pretty sure he thought we were watching old home movies because his response was, "Is that when GG got married?" He calls my 88-year-old grandma "GG" (Great-Grandma), and I don't think Cloris would take it as a compliment!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A List of Firsts

We've had a lot of "firsts" over the last couple of days.

1. IAN'S FIRST WATCH - Daddy bought Ian a new Spiderman watch, and it has left his arm only once to take a bath. We have been very punctual lately because we are getting updates on the time every 2-3 minutes (on average - we may have gone as long as 10 minutes at times!). In the picture below, he's also showing off his new jammies and a fresh haircut. Mommy is back as the hairdresser!

2. IAN'S FIRST HOMEWORK - Ian filled out an "All About Me" page for his preschool class. He used markers, scissors and a glue stick, and loved every minute of it. When we're working on pre-calculus in high school, I'm going to try to remember this happy day!

3. IAN'S FIRST SELF-PORTRAIT - Ian came home from preschool today ready to draw a picture of himself. He said they drew them at school today, and he wanted to do another one to show me. I was so impressed, and it's on the refrigerator waiting for oohs and aahs from Daddy when he gets home from work!

4. GARRETT AND BRENNAN'S FIRST BATHS - We finally got around to tub baths for our baby boys! They were clean up until this point, I promise! Nana and Mommy accomplished this while Ian was at school. It's definitely a 2 person job! I washed Brennan first, wrapped him in his towel, then handed him over to be dried off. Then, I grabbed Garrett and did it all over again! As I was shampooing, I realized I was giving new meaning to the back-of-the-bottle directions that say, "Lather, rinse, and repeat if necessary." In this case, it's definitely necessary!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A week with Aunt Helen

We all had a great time with Aunt Helen. It was so nice of her to leave work and her family for a week so that she could help us out. (Just ask her... we need all the help we can get!) Doesn't she look comfortable with 2 babies?

She brought with her some great ideas and interesting food choices. Ian was excited to eat an octopus, spiders, a caterpillar and a fire engine. Mmmmmmmmm! Tavia came for a night at the end of the week, and she and Ian had fun decorating with and eating icing!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Packing on the pounds...

...or at least the ounces!! We checked in with the pediatrician yesterday, and I think he couldn't believe the scale! Garrett now weighs 6 lbs. 11 oz., and Brennan weighs 7 lbs. 6 oz.! The HOPE was that in 10 days they would have gained 5-10 ounces, but they blew that goal out of the water! Garrett gained 18 ounces and Brennan gained 20. They are now the size of average newborns, and we are excited to have made this progress! Grow boys, grow!! I'll try to get some double chin pictures taken to post later! :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Days (and nights, for that matter) are busy here! Here are some snapshots from the past week.

Our three sons!

They are beginning to have some "wake time" together.

Personalities are emerging... Garrett likes to be held and Brennan is very easy going.

Brennan immediately after removing the screaming Garrett from the swing. He wasn't phased a bit.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school!

We are officially the parents of a preschooler! Ian had his first day of preschool today, and it went very well! (He had a much easier time with it than Mommy, but I'm pretty sure he didn't understand the magnitude of the moment. Little does he know, this is the beginning of 19 years of education, not including med school!) He had a lot of fun, thinks his teacher is "very kind," and met some new (and not-so-new) friends. The majority of today's report covered the toys in the playroom, but I'm sure some education happened, too! But, fun is good!

(FYI - He really was happier than his expression shows, and the cell phone in his hand is a toy that stayed in the van!)

The help continues...

...thank goodness!!

Nana and Papa spent last week at our house, helping with everything. With all the sterilizing, changing, feeding, laundering, burping, eating, rocking, entertaining and consoling, it takes a VILLAGE to keep this household in motion these days!

If you want to be worn out, come spend some time with us! (My dad looks how I feel, but since I'm the editor of this blog, the picture is of him, not me! Sorry, Dad!)

Aunt Nancy is spending this week with us, and has been a big help already! (Let's just say she has mastered the art of the quick diaper change... mostly out of necessity after an unfortunate shower given by Brennan!)

Ian's first NFL game!

Last weekend, Daddy and Ian were invited to go to a preseason Colts game in the brand new Lucas Oil Stadium! (This is just the second game to be played in the new facility!) They had a great time, even though Peyton Manning and Jeff Saturday (their favorite players) didn't even play! Our little Peyton dressed for the occasion...

Yes, this is the actual view from their seats!!